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Our Trade Policies

We happily offer in-store credit for your gently used books, provided that we believe we can place them in new hands in a timely manner. Credit is offered in the amount of 50% of our sell price, and never expires.

We are always looking for quality books on the following subjects:

Architecture - Art - Biographies - Children's & Young Adult Literatures - Culture - Essays - Fantasy & Science Fiction - Fiction (popular, historical, inspirational and mystery) - Film - First Nations - History - Humour - LGBTQ+ Fiction & Nonfiction - Literature - Local History & Interest - Music - Mythology - Natural History - Philosophy - Photography - Picture Books - Poetry - Psychology - Reference - Religion & Spirituality - Science - Theatre & Plays

We cannot offer credit for any of the following types of books:

  • Encyclopedias

  • Textbooks

  • Reader's Digest serial publications

  • Former library books

  • Magazines

  • Damaged books including warped, stained, or heavily worn books, books with weak or broken bindings, books with underlined or highlighted text, or books carrying heavy scents (perfume, smoke, mildew).


Processing small trades (1-3 bags/small boxes) will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes, and larger trades will take more time. We strongly encourage customers to plan for enough time, as we may not be able to store any books that are left. If possible, choose to bring in books on days without heavy rain or snow. Free customer parking is available beside our building.

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